Byrne Tran: The man behind the humility

Byrne Tran is the co-founder and head of the dynamic sales and leasing team at Commercial Collective, a commercial real estate business located in the Newcastle and Maitland region, NSW. Since its inception just four short years ago alongside co-founders Dane Crawford, Adam Leacy and Matt Kearney, the business has gone from strength to strength. Commercial Collective now employs over 40 staff and has one of the region’s largest sales and leasing teams, headed by Byrne.

Byrne’s origin story

Byrne was born in Vietnam, after the tumultuous and volatile years of the Vietnam war. When he was just 13 months old, Byrne’s parents made the difficult decision to leave post-war Vietnam to escape the communist regime that was infringing on the civil rights and freedoms of its citizens.

Byrne, along with his older brother, sister, uncle, and parents, embarked with 93 other passengers on a 13-metre wooden boat across the South China Sea in an attempt to find refuge in one of the nearby countries.

The sea conditions were extremely perilous, with the small boat being tossed around by enormous swells. There was a high risk of the boat sinking, and there was also the looming danger of encountering pirates on the open sea.

After a few days at sea Byrne, his family, and the other passengers found themselves in a dire situation when their boat engine broke and their only drinking water was contaminated.

They found themselves drifting in the South China Sea around 200 nautical miles from Ho Chi Minh City. After five days at sea, the stricken vessel was miraculously spotted by the Royal Australian Navy. All 99 passengers were rescued by the crew on the HMAS Melbourne on 21 June 1981.

As a father, Byrne holds his own father’s decisions at the time in high regard, remaining in awe of the challenges faced and the decision they had to make to leave their home country.

“It’s amazing the risk that was taken by my parents to seek out freedom for their family”.

The impact of this decision remains ever-present in the minds of his family and have shaped the man that Byrne is today. He is often referred to as one of the humblest people you will ever meet by the team that he leads.

Where did Byrne develop his passion for real estate?

Byrne’s passion for real estate was developed during his time working in commercial real estate after securing his first professional job. Having come from a modest refugee background, Byrne’s upbringing instilled in him a sense of determination and perseverance, shaping his approach to challenges and opportunities in life. He and his family have resided in Newcastle for over 40 years, initially in government housing in Elermore Vale. While studying for a degree in Construction Management at the University of Newcastle, Byrne worked in hospitality and was a door-to-door salesperson selling vacuum cleaners to make ends meet.

His early career in real estate involved helping people through transactions, but his passion for real estate and assisting others has evolved since founding Commercial Collective. The company aims to provide opportunities not only for its clients but also for its employees and the community. Byrne places a strong emphasis on developing his sales and leasing team, mentoring them to enhance their skills, intuition in the property market, and overall career growth. He is fortunate to have had two exceptional mentors from a young age, and he believes in investing in others to help them achieve success and freedom, regardless of their background or history.

Family is central to Byrne’s life, and his wife and daughters frequently visit the office, often bringing delicious treats to share with everyone. He even quizzes his daughters at night to recall the names of the Commercial Collective team members, which has become more challenging as the company continues to grow. Byrne and his business partner Dane strive to maintain a familial atmosphere within the expanding business, considering the team members to be one large family. They believe that having the support of family and friends is crucial in facing life’s challenges, which is why both Byrne and Dane wanted their business to act as a second family for all who are part of it.

To get in contact with Byrne, please email [email protected] or phone 0422 302 691.