Q&A with Dane Crawford, General Manager.

With over 12 years of property expertise, Dane is the General Manager and one of the founders of Commercial Collective. He has lent his considerable expertise to more than $2.5 billion in projects and continues to lead and support the entire Commercial Collective team.

Q: How did the idea of Commercial Collective come about and what made you make the leap to starting the business?

A: The idea of Commercial Collective was formed with the drive to build a Real Estate business that operated for tomorrow. One that was responsive, fast moving, and innovative – a revolutionising agency that encouraged creation, collaboration, and engagement.

Starting a new business was about putting the focus back on what real estate is all about – serving our clients. The best way to do that was by carving our own path ensuring our core values were always at the forefront of what drives us.

Q: What excites you the most about the future of commercial real estate?

A: There is a real shift away from big agencies as the market provides new alternatives. With access to market intelligence and new forms of resources, it ensures all firms can improve the overall client experiences across the board.

A continued need for collaboration is another key area that excites me – I can see this element being a real focus point in the future for commercial real estate. Driving different services and expertise to come together in order to deliver the best possible results and client success.