Commercial Collective’s expansion into East Maitland.

The astonishing growth that Commercial Collective has seen over the past three years has led us to further develop the business by expanding our services into a new location; Commercial Collective East Maitland.  

Commercial Collective East Maitland is a centre of commercial and industrial excellence where clients will be able to explore greater opportunities the Maitland and Hunter Valley region has to offer.

Maitland is one of the fastest growing cities in NSW located on the outskirts of Australia's most recognised wine region and along the Hunter River. It is well-positioned for sustainable and continued growth within proximity and convenient access to Sydney, Newcastle, and the Hunter Valley as well as airports, shipping terminals and freight rail access.

The forecasted significant future growth in the Maitland area, sitting at a consistent rate above 2% per annum, provides ample opportunity for our clients. Extensive land releases for residential, industrial, commercial, and retail developments are fuelling a strong construction industry and helping lead the way in the city’s thriving expansion.

Regional areas, such as Maitland, also provide expenditure advantages over their inner-city counterparts when investing in commercial or industrial real estate, ranging from affordable entry costs to higher yields. They also generally have more space for growth than capital cities providing an opportunity to further develop the property and increase the rental income.

As we become the new authority for commercial and industrial real estate in the Maitland region, our clients have the opportunity to grow with us. Commercial Collective East Maitland was driven by the need to further service our clients in the Hunter region, by providing a space to host local clients as well as introducing all the region has to offer for clients not as familiar. We grow, so that our clients can grow with us.

Commercial Collective, experts in growth.

Dane Crawford,
General Manager.