Dane Crawford

Dane Crawford: The man behind the suits

Dane Crawford is the founder and CEO of Commercial Collective, a commercial real estate business located in Newcastle, NSW. This four-year-old business that Dane founded with co-founders Byrne Tran, Matt Kearney and Adam Leacy. Since its inception, the business has grown exponentially and now employs over 40 staff and is proud to have a majority share of the local market. This growth becomes more impressive when you consider that one of the business’ main competitors has been in the market for more than 20 years.

The younger years

Dane was born and raised in Kurri Kurri, a small town just 40 minutes from Newcastle. Having been raised from a young age by a single mother.

"My parents separated when I was about 6 years old. My mum and I moved into a housing commission with my two sisters. We had to fend for ourselves a lot and take care of each other."

This contributed to Dane’s development of independence at a young age. He saved for his first home by the age of 22 years old through his job as a lifeguard at the local pool - the same place where he spent many of his summer days ‘running amuck’ - the irony is not lost on him!

"I was always getting into mischief and frequently ended up in detention. Some would say I was rebellious. Despite the challenges, we still managed to have fun. However, I can see now life was tough for my mum, trying to provide for us." 

"Growing up, I never wanted to rely on anyone else. I didn't want to find myself in a situation where I would struggle."

"My experience as a kid, built a desire for security as early as possible. That's where my drive came from."

Where did Dane develop his keen passion for real estate?

Dane’s passion for real estate was sparked initially by reading the paper with his father on the weekends – his father read the sports page and Dane spent his time reading the real estate section of the paper.

"Every Saturday, my dad would take me to a café where we would have breakfast together. He would read the newspaper and give me the real estate section. I developed a passion for real estate from those moments. I had a thirst for knowledge, and I would buy books to learn more."

Even at a young age he spent this time working out which listings he thought were a good deal and which were overpriced.

Dane was highly involved in cycling and was fortunate to have had many older businessmen act as mentors to him, answering questions and guiding him in his early days. Dane initially started in a traditional residential real estate business, gaining valuable experience in the industry. His desire for ongoing personal growth and finding the next challenge, led him to work within a residential project marketing team providing advice and sales expertise on multi-million dollar property developments.

"When I was 20 years old, I saved $40,000 to buy my first house. It was challenging because while my friends were spending money on cars and going out, I had to prioritise saving. But for me, it was clear that my focus was to buy a house as early as possible.

In 2018, Dane, alongside his co-partners, decided to start his own business. He co-founded Commercial Collective with the goal of providing a more personalised and customer-focused approach to commercial real estate. The business has grown rapidly since its inception and now has a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping clients achieve their real estate goals.

“Surround yourself with mentors and invest in yourself. There is a life in front of you that is far greater than where you are now. Where you started does not determine where you'll end." 

Dane is passionate about helping people and is committed to making a difference in the community. Dane is a role model for young entrepreneurs and is an inspiration to those who know him. He is a hard worker who is always willing to go the extra mile. Dane is a true success story and is an example of what can be achieved through hard work, determination, and perseverance.

To get in contact with Dane, please email [email protected] or phone 0407 927 603 - he looks forward to hearing from you.